Tips to Choosing the Right Dining Table

With all the different shapes and sizes of dining tables out there, how can you possibly narrow your choice down to just one? Here are a few ways to pick the perfect dining table for your home.

Consider the Table-to-Wall Clearance

This basically refers to the space around the room where people can freely and comfortably move about without having to squeeze their way through the dining table and the wall. You also need space to pull the chairs in and out, so a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to allow for about 42 to 48 inches between the table and the walls. This rule also applies to the distance needed between the table and any other furniture in the room.

Consider Round Tables For Small Spaces

Round tables are perfect for smaller areas because they fit easily and don’t have any sharp corners to hit. The lack of corners also makes it easier to fit more people and chairs around the table. You can find local solid wood dining tables for sale by visiting

Consider the Shape of the Space

Have a look at your dining area to determine the right shape for your table. For instance, if the room is square, then obviously a square shaped table would fit best. By the same token, a narrow space would call for a rectangular table to fit better.

How to Transform Your Garage Into a Storage Unit – and Still Have Room for Your Car

Renting a storage unit for all those things you don’t use much but don’t want to part with can prove pricey, and it makes it more difficult to access your belongings. You really want to store the things at home, but you either don’t have a basement or attic, or they’re already full or being used. Your garage is the ideal place to store your belongings, but you have to plan it right so you can still use the garage for your vehicle.

Add Multi-Functional Furnishings

Find garage cabinets for sale that take advantage of an entire garage wall’s vertical space and start there. The more cabinets and shelving you have for packing items away, the fewer belongings you’ll have to store on the garage floor, which is needed for your car.

Get Hanging Racks and Shelves

In the spaces between cabinets or on the walls themselves (if a cabinet takes up too much space in a compact garage), rely on hanging racks and shelves for item storage. Items you need to use more often, such as tools, are always within easy reach when hanging on the wall.

If you need help designing a garage storage space, don’t hesitate to contact the storage experts. Browse their gallery of past designs to get more ideas, or let a designer talk you through all of your best options.

How to Afford a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen of your dreams can make the time you spend cooking and dining so much more enjoyable, and it’ll add value to your home if you ever plan to sell it. However, it’s understandable to be nervous about the cost. While a home equity loan is always an option, there are ways to be sure you can afford your remodel that don’t involve making long-term payments.

Plan Ahead with a 3D Design

The best kitchen remodeling company designs your kitchen using software that shows off the design in 3D. It’s common to think you want a certain feature and to think it looks okay on a flat 2D drawing, but then to see it in the finished remodel and wish you hadn’t selected it. With a 3D model, you’ll be able to virtually “walk through” the design before work begins and make any changes before you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix it.

Stick to a Budget

If you have a budget, rely on your designer to stick to it. Outline how much you can afford to spend from the start and listen to your designer when he suggests certain changes or materials that will fit in your budget. Trust him to come up with affordable alternatives if anything seems out of your price range.

Call today or schedule a consultation online. Don’t be embarrassed about having a strict budget; the best kitchen remodelers are happy to work around your budget to come up with a design that you’ll be satisfied with but that you can still afford.

Improve Your Life With a Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one of the most rooms in the home. Not only is it the place where you start and end each day, but it is also a space that you frequent throughout the day.

Since the bathroom is such an integral room in your home, it only makes sense that if you it is old, outdated, dingy and nonfunctional, you really aren’t going to enjoy spending time in this space. In fact, the appearance and the functionality of this room can really have a huge impact on your mood. After all, who wants to spend so much time in a space that they can’t stand? With the help of a remodeling company like Rebath, your bathroom can be transformed into a space that you will love. Remodeling a bathroom is an expensive investment, however, so you want to be sure that you want to have the job done. So, what are the benefits of remodeling your bathroom? Keep on reading to find out.

Benefits of Remodeling a Bathroom

Here’s a look at some of the biggest gains you will experience when you remodel your bathroom.

More Functional: Is your toilet too close to the shower? Is the countertop not big enough? Is there little, if any storage space? If your bathroom doesn’t function to meet your needs, then a bathroom remodel is certainly going to benefit. With a remodel, you can completely overhaul the space so that it fits your exact needs so that using the space is much easier and much more enjoyable.

More Appealing: Do hate the way that your bathroom looks? Does it make you cringe whenever you enter? If so, a remodel will enable you to transform the look of the space, overhauling it so that it appeals to your taste and bringing it into the 21st century. Say goodbye to the Brady Bunch and hello to Modern Family.

Boost Your Home’s Value: Yes, it may seem like you are going to be putting out a lot of money for a bathroom remodel upfront; however, the cost is definitely worth it in the end. That investment will boost the value of your home, which will allow a better resale value, and a better rate, if you ever decide to refinance.

Better Energy Efficiency. Preserving energy is extremely important. Not only does it save money, but it also helps out Mother Nature. Your current bathroom may have fixtures that use tons of water, or that hog up electricity. Faucets may leak and the toilet and shower may use too much water. When you redo the space, you can replace those energy hogs with more energy efficient fixtures.

3 Reasons to Buy Leather Furniture

Buying furniture is just another way to add character and personality to your home’s interior. When buying furniture, most people consider numerous thoughts before making a big investment in any large items that will be used in the decoration of their homes. This can range from choosing the right colored item to how expensive it is going to be.

When you visit the best local leather furniture store, you can remember three important reasons why buying leather furniture is beneficial.

  • Leather can sometimes be a much easier material to clean than other fabrics. If a spill occurs on a leather sofa, it merely requires a wet rag and can later be topped off with leather polish to ensure it is constantly looking new.
  • There are different grades of leather available. Higher grades, of course, mark a much higher quality in the pieces of furniture. Fortunately, even though the lower grades are a lower quality, they still resemble the high grade pieces and can look just as nice while still allowing you to shop within a budget.
  • Furniture can stand a lot of wear and tear, but leather is meant to age well and last your family a long time. When you buy this kind of furniture from a reputable company or store, you’re giving yourself a chance to enjoy a quality piece of furniture that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Buying furniture is easy and with the right company, can be another way for you to decorate your home as apart of your own personality.

How to Quickly Find the Perfect Home in Iowa

Whether it’s a job or a loved one that brings you to the fields of opportunity in Iowa, you want to make sure your new home feels like home. If you don’t have a lot of time before you need to move, it’s understandable that you’re worried about being able to find the ideal place for you. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to find the right place even if you’re in a hurry.

Browse Online

Find your Iowa home from your phone, tablet or computer even if you’re states or countries away. Have someone closer look at the property in person for you or work with a local realtor who can give you all the details you need to decide. Use the right realtor’s website, and you’ll find what you need. If you are able to visit the properties yourself, you at least want to limit the amount of time you spend driving around town by narrowing down the list online first.

Don’t panic if you don’t have much time before you need to move. Focus on everything else you need to do before you move and let your realtor do the work of sorting through the hottest properties on the market. The best realtor can work on even on a tight deadline to match you with the property that meets your needs and budget.

Tips For Decorating Your New Home

Whenever you move into a new home, it is very exciting. Before you can complete the move, however, it is a good idea to decorate it in the way that you had envisioned, as it gets much more difficult to complete the redecoration process after you have already brought your furniture there. Consider the following tips when making your decisions.

New Furniture

Does your existing furniture match your new home? If not, looking at some casual furniture sets can help you to come up with a better idea of what you want. In most cases, your furniture will become a focal point in the room, so choosing wisely is very important.

Fresh Paint

You will be amazed by what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. You might even find that this different paint changes your mind about other parts of your redecoration. Have a look at a few different colors and choose the one that best suits your vision for the room.

Updated Flooring

Of course, you might want to change your flooring before moving into the house. Replacing the carpet or installing wood floors can work wonder for any room in the house. Once again, your final choice will come down to your own personal preferences.

Reaching New Heights in Real Estate with Personalized Customer Service

When it comes to buying or selling a home, you are going to want professionals who know the market inside and out. Professionals who are capable of achieving your real estate dreams; those who can maximize your investment, whether that is buying into a home, or upgrading and selling your current one. Buying or selling a home requires a lengthy decision making process, one that involves a unique team of experts that can create a thorough plan for you and your family. Prime real estate, regardless of where you are headed needs to be carefully dealt with, and Adashun Jones real estate is perfect for those who want personalized customer service.

Not only has Adashun Jones Real Estate Company been in operation for over three decades, but they combined the two major leaders in the industry to create a company that reflects both the passion for the market and for the business together. With this shared vision between two old competitors, they were able to recruit top professionals with the highest standards of quality. Meaning that not only will you get personalized customer service, but you will be able to build a relationship with your sales representative. Success doesn’t come with just the sale of a home, but rather in providing a home that a family can call home and build from.

At Adashun Jones, you will receive:

  • Top experts in the field,
  • A built relationship with your representative,
  • A unique team of proven professionals who care.

With the company’s attention to detail, and wealth of knowledge, the outcome you experience will always be an excellent one.